International Men’s Day!

Today is International Men's Day and I want to celebrate two remarkable men in my life with a post I made last year. DADDIES AND HUBBIES! Perhaps the former informs the choice of the latter. One chooses to love you all your life and the other you choose to love ‘till death do you part’. … Continue reading International Men’s Day!


The Night Shift – a short story to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child.

I mounted my motorcycle to make my way back home. My job was done for the day, or rather night. I longed to collapse upon my fluffy bed. The cool early morning breeze blew against my hair and caressed my cheeks. The clock had barely struck five. At the bus stop, I noticed her - … Continue reading The Night Shift – a short story to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child.

Stories my grandmother told me.

My grandmother is an avid story teller. She has the gift of describing events in a way that you get the perfect picture. As such, I love listening to her stories. One day, mama came back from the farm fatigued and stressed. She laid down the bag that was half filled with freshly harvested maize … Continue reading Stories my grandmother told me.

Birthday in the wild!

During the week my neighbor invited my children and I to attend her daughter’s birthday party. Her daughter was turning seven and guess where the venue for the birthday party was? You can't guess I'm sure! Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!!! I was initially a bit skeptical, but I told my fears that … Continue reading Birthday in the wild!

Celebrating Int’l Women’s Day.

She shelved her dreams the day her parents were snatched by the cold hands of death. With tears in her eyes, burning from the smoke of firewood and freshly chopped onions, she cooks for twice a dozen people. She lulls her baby brother to sleep; singing to him melancholy melodies while strapped tightly to her … Continue reading Celebrating Int’l Women’s Day.

When the New Year begins to go stale.

Does everything suddenly become new because it's New Year? Doesn't the excitement of the New Year fade away just before we know it? Well, it's another New Year and I'm sure many of us are positive that new things will happen. Yeah, I am too! Many might have brought out their diaries and begun to … Continue reading When the New Year begins to go stale.