Shadow of Truth (5)

“Good evening sir!” “Bassey, my son, how are you?” “Fine………..thank you sir. I………..we were not expecting you at all.” Bassey was already looking confused and sounding nervous at the sight of Anne’s father. “Has she discussed anything with him?” he wondered. “Well, yes my son. A little surprise does no one any harm.” Anne’s father … Continue reading Shadow of Truth (5)

Shadow of truth (4)

​ “Wake up! Wake up!!” Anne could feel someone’s hand tapping her back, but this tap seems a lot more like caressing than tapping. In the midst of her sleep, Anne could not tell exactly what was happening. Was she dreaming? The voice kept sounding audibly in her ears and she could feel a hand … Continue reading Shadow of truth (4)

Shadow of Truth (1)

“She must go for a pregnancy test and that’s final. I know she’s pregnant, I am very sure, and you can’t convince me otherwise.” Anne just sat there looking between her father and her mother not knowing what to say or how to defend herself. ******************************************************************* Anne was the first child of three children. Her … Continue reading Shadow of Truth (1)