International Men’s Day!

Today is International Men’s Day and I want to celebrate two remarkable men in my life with a post I made last year.


Perhaps the former informs the choice of the latter.

One chooses to love you all your life and the other you choose to love ‘till death do you part’. You grow from the love of one and fall into a love relationship with the other. You are in a relationship with one all your life, yet you can’t wait to leave for the other you’ve never known. You bear the name of one by birth and change into the name of the other by marriage.

These two men are strong influences in the life of a girl!

Let me tell you my story.

As a young girl, I couldn’t fall sleep on my own until my daddy lulled me to sleep. At a tender age, I learnt the meaning of the word “lull” not from a dictionary because I didn’t need a dictionary to teach me the meaning nor how to make a sentence with it because my favorite sentence at night, despite my mum’s stern look, was “Daddy, please come and lull me to sleep”.

My daddy would carry me on his laps, and with my head placed on his chest and his hand patting my back, he would lull me to sleep singing:

Please my baby don’t cry,
Please my baby just try
To smile when you’re sad
You feel happy
That’s the way to say
‘Don’t cry.’

….and slowly quietly, but surely, I would fall asleep and my daddy will gently carry me to the room and lie me down on the bed to sleep peacefully.

My daddy is my number one hero! I remember him cooking meals one time, maybe two. In fact, the first home made plantain chips I ate as a child was prepared by my dad. Yes, my daddy can cook like that!

My daddy can love for the whole universe! He has a pet name for everyone; mine is zizy (now you know where zizywrites was derived from).

Click here to read the entire post.



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