3 Must Do’s During Lockdown.

Who knew that the year 2020 will have the entire world staying at home to save their lives? What else can I say? This is where we have found ourselves. We pray for a solution, and fast. In addition to binging on Netflix, and living off social media - since that's the only way we … Continue reading 3 Must Do’s During Lockdown.


We're officially on a 21-day lockdown, starting today, in Zimbabwe. So, I decided to start a personal series tagged #lockdowndiaries, where I'll be sharing what I'm up to during the lockdown. I guess this will be fun, so let's go! 💃💃#lockdowndiariesDay1Successfully completed the Content Marketing Mastery course with Digital Marketer.

Zvifadzo Mtengwa: a story of overcoming insurmountable odds.

Let me tell you a story of an amazing lady I met today. Her name is Zvifadzo Mtengwa. Zvifadzo is the first of four children born into a very supportive family. She is also beautiful and God-fearing. Her Grade 4 teacher described as 'quiet but lights up when you speak to her.' Though her parents … Continue reading Zvifadzo Mtengwa: a story of overcoming insurmountable odds.