The caterpillar understands…

The caterpillar understands that the process of becoming is a series of stages. Hence, it does not conform to external pressures of intimidation, but internal pressures of transformation. It understands that 'caterpillar' is not a definition of what it is, or what it can be, but a stage in its life cycle. The caterpillar understands … Continue reading The caterpillar understands…


Meet Knox the young artist.

Knox Mbazima is thirteen years old. He was born on the 7th of October, 2005. He lives in Concession, a small sleepy town 20km from Mazowe in Harare, Zimbabwe. Knox learns at Prince Edward Boys High School, the prestigious school which ranks sixth best in Africa, and its art club number one. He started drawing … Continue reading Meet Knox the young artist.

Sinikiwe: an example of ability in disability.

Over the weekend, I met an amazing lady, Sinikiwe Nikki Kademaunga also known as Coach Sniks. Sinikiwe is an international motivational speaker, self development coach, mentor, and disability blogger. The most amazing part is that she was born without limbs. Sinikiwe is the first child born of her parents. When she was born, her parents … Continue reading Sinikiwe: an example of ability in disability.