Love me, Love you.

They say that love is like a circle; endless! Like a circle, they say love has no beginning and no end. They also say you can't tell where love starts and where it stops. But in order draw a circle, you must first begin at a point. To fall in love, you must also begin … Continue reading Love me, Love you.


Welcome to February.

Hey guys! It's February. Already? Mid last month I decided to have a monthly content theme for my social media and blog posts. Hence, in January, my posts were centered around 'pursuing and chasing your dreams.' The theme for February is..... Wait for it...☺ ❤💖💕💘 L. O. V. E. ❤💖💕💘 Awww.......😍😘 This month promises to … Continue reading Welcome to February.

I don’t like shawarma.

Sometime in 2003, I went to write an exam in Lagos state. Coincidentally, that day was my birthday and my uncle decided to give me a treat. “Have you ever eaten shawarma?” He asked. “No. What is that? What does it taste like?” I had never even heard the word ‘shawarma’ before. “It's a delicious … Continue reading I don’t like shawarma.