Celebrating World Teachers’ Day.

Who is a teacher? A teacher is a trainer A leader, a mentor A teacher is a guide A guard, a pointer A teacher would have been a carpenter but chose to drill in knowledge like nail to wood. A teacher would have been a tailor but chose to weave wisdom like thread to cloth. … Continue reading Celebrating World Teachers’ Day.


Amazing Grace (a poem).

AMAZING GRACE. Dragged in – guilty and ashamed naked and exposed shattered and displaced embarrassed and disgraced Condemned to death! Afraid!! Walked out – vindicated and bold clothed and shielded whole and defended mended and restored honoured and lifted Opportune to live again! Redeemed!! “Stone her! ” “Stone her!! ” the eerie sound of condemnation … Continue reading Amazing Grace (a poem).

4 quick facts about Ebube the budding young writer.

1. Ebube started writing at eleven. She started by writing a book titled “THE HEROINES” but unfortunately it got missing before she could complete it. 2. Ebube writes by picking up her pen and letting her imagination take hold of her. Generally, she writes about life, making a difference and development but most of her … Continue reading 4 quick facts about Ebube the budding young writer.

Meet Ebube the budding young writer.

As a writer, my dream has always been to help budding young writers by coaching, grooming, mentoring and showcasing their talent. Also, I hope to have an academy to teach them how to sharpen their skills and use them for profit. Well, until then this is me doing the little I can. Last time, I … Continue reading Meet Ebube the budding young writer.