Life on layby

We were in a hurry to get to church on Sunday. My husband was hurriedly taking the children to the children's church when he bumped into one of the Sunday school teachers. Due to her age and size, she was taking her time to climb up the stairs. “Don't worry about me. Run along!” she … Continue reading Life on layby


How do you handle challenges?

I was casually browsing through Instagram on Sunday and came across a poetry contest which was supposed to end the next day. What was required was for contestants to write a poem of twelve lines in celebration of Africa day. The poem was to centre around the theme “Africa: our sound, our colour and our … Continue reading How do you handle challenges?


Mma became very withdrawn. She often buried herself in her thoughts. She felt so dirty and prayed constantly to God for forgiveness. She cried all day, her heart felt heavy and she suffered from a guilty conscience. She wished that she could do penance for her waywardness and take away all the guilty feelings. Mma … Continue reading LOVE CHILD (Part 4)