The little things (4)

As I approached the CRV, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped in disbelief. The shirt of the elegant looking man had been ripped apart and his suit was hanging on one shoulder. The fabulous woman - his wife - was being yanked away forcefully from him and dragged to a corner while the children … Continue reading The little things (4)

The little things (3)

The traffic light turned green and all the cars zoomed off. All of a sudden, the engine of our car went out. The drivers behind us started blaring their horns impatiently. Tochi kept his calm. He turned the key continuously, attempting to start the engine of the car, yet to no avail. Beads of sweat … Continue reading The little things (3)

The little things (2)

Last Sunday, as Tochi drove the vehicle to church, it kept jerking vigorously and making a clanking sound. I feared that the tyres might give way or the engine might just fall out of place. At times, the engine revved in an unusual manner while other times, it slowed down on its own. Tochi kept … Continue reading The little things (2)