What is Love?

Over the years, the month of February has been tagged “The month of love” for obvious reasons, but then, what is love? Love is one of the most complicated words in history. Different people ascribe different meanings to that singular four-letter word - L. O. V. E. To some, LOVE means pain, hurt, regret, and … Continue reading What is Love?


Love yourself!

Dear youngster, Valentine's Day is around the corner. In order not to be swayed by 'every wind of love' and get caught up in the heartbreaks, pain, depression and heartaches that follow, LOVE YOURSELF! In order not to feel you're worthless, ugly, unworthy, not sexy enough when that guy doesn't slip a love note inside … Continue reading Love yourself!

Where’s this boat heading to?

Since yesterday was New Year day and also my first daughter's birthday, I thought to myself "what better way for the family to spend today than to go to a park." At the park, there were many fun activities to engage in, especially for the children. However, the boat ride caught my attention. I couldn't … Continue reading Where’s this boat heading to?