The caterpillar understands…

The caterpillar understands that the process of becoming is a series of stages. Hence, it does not conform to external pressures of intimidation, but internal pressures of transformation. It understands that 'caterpillar' is not a definition of what it is, or what it can be, but a stage in its life cycle. The caterpillar understands … Continue reading The caterpillar understands…


My interview with CBN.

I was interviewed by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) today. 💃💃💃💃 I'll spare you the details of the interview, since you'll watch it when it airs. However, the highlight for me was this: Interviewer: If you're asked to chose a role model from the Bible, who would it be? Me: Hmm...This is quite tough. I … Continue reading My interview with CBN.

Sinikiwe: an example of ability in disability.

Over the weekend, I met an amazing lady, Sinikiwe Nikki Kademaunga also known as Coach Sniks. Sinikiwe is an international motivational speaker, self development coach, mentor, and disability blogger. The most amazing part is that she was born without limbs. Sinikiwe is the first child born of her parents. When she was born, her parents … Continue reading Sinikiwe: an example of ability in disability.