Don’t be afraid. You know enough.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Zimbabwe - Robert Gabriel Mugabe Day - and I spent the most part of my morning with some amazing women. I was asked to speak in a women's group on "how you can project your business to a global audience through blogging." Yesterday, I prepped myself, and with poise, … Continue reading Don’t be afraid. You know enough.


…on self-love and self-destruction.

With the alarming rate of suicide, especially among young people, I'm moved to share these words by Nick Vujicic on self-love and self-destruction. My self-destructive urges came when I lost faith and focused on what I could not do rather than on what I could do. I lost hope in the future because I limited … Continue reading …on self-love and self-destruction.

I don’t like shawarma.

Sometime in 2003, I went to write an exam in Lagos state. Coincidentally, that day was my birthday and my uncle decided to give me a treat. “Have you ever eaten shawarma?” He asked. “No. What is that? What does it taste like?” I had never even heard the word ‘shawarma’ before. “It's a delicious … Continue reading I don’t like shawarma.