Stories my grandmother told me.

My grandmother is an avid story teller. She has the gift of describing events in a way that you get the perfect picture. As such, I love listening to her stories. One day, mama came back from the farm fatigued and stressed. She laid down the bag that was half filled with freshly harvested maize … Continue reading Stories my grandmother told me.


The little things (4)

As I approached the CRV, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped in disbelief. The shirt of the elegant looking man had been ripped apart and his suit was hanging on one shoulder. The fabulous woman - his wife - was being yanked away forcefully from him and dragged to a corner while the children … Continue reading The little things (4)

The little things (2)

Last Sunday, as Tochi drove the vehicle to church, it kept jerking vigorously and making a clanking sound. I feared that the tyres might give way or the engine might just fall out of place. At times, the engine revved in an unusual manner while other times, it slowed down on its own. Tochi kept … Continue reading The little things (2)

The little things (1)

I dread Sundays. It's usually an awful day of the week for me. Okay….Maybe that came out wrong, but I mean it. Don't get it twisted. I totally love everything about church; from the pulpit to the pews- the prayers, praises, sermon, congregation- EVERYTHING! However, I'd rather go to church in anything but my husband’s … Continue reading The little things (1)