Long way back home (5).

I arrived Benin City in the wee hours of the morning. The address I had led me through turns and roundabouts into a bumpy street. Ugbague Street. I noticed some ladies in skimpy clothes standing at a distance. As I dismounted the okada, they eyed me with an expression of confusion and disdain. I tugged … Continue reading Long way back home (5).

Long way back home (4)

I laid on the bed and my whole life- the good, the bad and the ugly- flashed before my eyes. Paul took me to an old woman in a village. We drove about three hours before we got there. I didn't know if the old woman was a nurse, a doctor or a trained health … Continue reading Long way back home (4)

Expectations (a short story).

Kevwe paced up and down the corridor like a man whose wife was in labour. She looked at her wrist watch impatiently for the umpteenth time and let out a sigh of disgust mixed with annoyance. She mumbled some words under heavy breaths as she rubbed her forehead. Kevwe walked towards the door in the … Continue reading Expectations (a short story).