Success is an action word.

Some days ago, I finished washing and didn't close the tap properly, so drops of water trickled down the tap and into a container. After many hours, I came back to see that the container was almost half full. Against popular belief, success does not happen overnight. Success is accumulated hard work and continuous effort. … Continue reading Success is an action word.


Dare, not dread!

"Mummy, do we have to go to church?" my six-year old asked as we got ready on Sunday morning. "Yes." I responded. Late last year, we moved to a new place. We were going to attend a new church and meet new people. For my daughter, it spelt disaster! She is very skeptical about new … Continue reading Dare, not dread!

Where’s this boat heading to?

Since yesterday was New Year day and also my first daughter's birthday, I thought to myself "what better way for the family to spend today than to go to a park." At the park, there were many fun activities to engage in, especially for the children. However, the boat ride caught my attention. I couldn't … Continue reading Where’s this boat heading to?