A beautiful mess.

I did a lot of baking and frying during the Easter holiday. I made meat pies, doughnuts, puff-puff and so on. I just decided to get in touch with my snack and pastry making side. 😁 While mixing, kneading and cutting the dough, my daughter asked "Mummy, what are you doing? I thought you wanted … Continue reading A beautiful mess.


Give it time!

Last term, my six-year-old was involved in a lot of activities at school. One of them involved seed planting. They were placed in groups, asked to plant bean seeds, and watch them germinate. The next day after planting her seed with her teammate, she came home saying "Mummy, the seeds XYZ and I planted did … Continue reading Give it time!

Success is an action word.

Some days ago, I finished washing and didn't close the tap properly, so drops of water trickled down the tap and into a container. After many hours, I came back to see that the container was almost half full. Against popular belief, success does not happen overnight. Success is accumulated hard work and continuous effort. … Continue reading Success is an action word.

Where’s this boat heading to?

Since yesterday was New Year day and also my first daughter's birthday, I thought to myself "what better way for the family to spend today than to go to a park." At the park, there were many fun activities to engage in, especially for the children. However, the boat ride caught my attention. I couldn't … Continue reading Where’s this boat heading to?