Asoebi (a short story)

“Saturdays are for owambe.” This is now a popular saying. But what is ‘owambe’ without an asoebi to slay on? Two months ago, I took my asoebi to my tailor. Errrm…actually, I have about six or seven of them. I have no favorites when it concerns tailors because they don't deliver on time and they … Continue reading Asoebi (a short story)

The inferno.

A father coming home from a long trip A mother making haste to get her kids A brother ‘lapping’ his sister at the hind of a ‘Danfo’ Two lovers caught in traffic whispering sweet nothings A baby sleeping soundly strapped to a car seat An inferno ambushing them snuffing out their lives with inextinguishable heat … Continue reading The inferno.

Birthday in the wild!

During the week my neighbor invited my children and I to attend her daughter’s birthday party. Her daughter was turning seven and guess where the venue for the birthday party was? You can't guess I'm sure! Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!!! I was initially a bit skeptical, but I told my fears that … Continue reading Birthday in the wild!