Amazing Grace (a poem).

AMAZING GRACE. Dragged in – guilty and ashamed naked and exposed shattered and displaced embarrassed and disgraced Condemned to death! Afraid!! Walked out – vindicated and bold clothed and shielded whole and defended mended and restored honoured and lifted Opportune to live again! Redeemed!! “Stone her! ” “Stone her!! ” the eerie sound of condemnation … Continue reading Amazing Grace (a poem).


Walking on high hills in high heels.

Does that sound awkward? As much as it might be very difficult and inconveniencing to walk up high hills in high heels, it is not totally impossible. Are you surrounded by high ‘hills’? Obstacles that you are afraid to climb and they stand as a hindrance to you? It's time to put on your high … Continue reading Walking on high hills in high heels.

Victor or Vanquished?

If you watch Roman movies, you would have noticed that the Roman soldier always engages in fierce battles. After the battle, it is typical of the victorious soldiers to lift up their hands and roar because the battle has been won. Sometimes, they run around, with the head of their opponents, chanting in celebration. What … Continue reading Victor or Vanquished?

Guard your heart ♥

That was how Lizzy, my best friend, and I went for a wedding reception together........ Lizzy is a very well bred and cultured girl, from a Christian home and just married for six months. She is still learning the nitty-gritties of marriage, climbing up and down the stairs of the first year phase of marriage … Continue reading Guard your heart ♥