What makes a family ideal?


Daughter 1: Mummy, you need to have another baby and it should be a boy.

Me: Why do you say that?

Daughter 1: See, we’re four girls in the house and daddy is the only boy.

Me: Hmm…. So, that’s the only reason why you want me to have a baby boy?

Daughter 1: Errrm…Yes…but even if you have a baby boy, there will still be four girls and only two boys in the house. The girls in this house are too much! So, you have to have another baby boy and another baby boy!

Me: Ah! But do you know that it really doesn’t matter. Everyone is special! Boys are special and girls are special too – just like you. You are special.

Daughter 1: OK, then. You can have another baby girl.

Me: 😲😲 (in my mind) But that’s not what I mean!

This morning while preparing for school.

Daughter 2: When Baby J starts going to school, you should have another baby. It should be a baby brother.

Daughter 1: Mummy said girls are special too!

Me: 😊😊😊

What makes a family ideal? Is it the number of children? the number of males or the number of females?

Funny enough, I also come from a family with a lot of girls. You know how you always feel that the ideal family is one that consists of father, mother, two sons and two daughters? …and the media even makes it worse.

Well, as a child, I felt that way. I always thought that if the number of males and females in a family are equal, then that’s an ideal family. I admired people with such families and wanted the same for myself.

Perhaps, that is the idea my daughter is having too.

Nevertheless, I want her to know that male, female, boy or girl. Irrespective of the number. Whether it tallies or not. Whether it’s odd or even. An ideal family is where you fit into perfectly because you are special!

And I’m glad that she picked something from our conversation yesterday.

What is your definition of an ideal family? I would love to know.



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