Grateful for the little things 🌸

“When times get bad, people cry out for help. They cry for relief from being kicked around, But never give God a thought when things go well, when God puts spontaneous songs in their hearts, when God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom.”

I read this passage from Job 35: 9-11(MSG) as part of my morning devotion and it spoke volumes to me.

I reflected on how we’re so quick to ‘judge’ God when things go wrong. When we can’t pay the rent. When the economy is crashing. When our business goes south. When we are duped. When the bills are piling. When we lose our job. When we lose a loved one. When we are sick…

But we’re quick to forget when a spontaneous song sprung up in our hearts and out of our lips. How you moved from enjoying the music to understanding the lyrics.

We’re quick to forget when a baby’s smile brought warmth to our hearts and laughter to our souls. How, for a minute, you forgot your sorrows, and your heart gave way for hope.

We’re quick to forget when God taught us life lessons from the fall of a bird, and the stealthiness of a snake. How you quickly realized that pride goes before a fall and that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We’re quick to forget how God spoke to our hearts through the relentlessness spirit of a mother hen. How she didn’t give up, but protected her chick through the fire and the storm. And He said, ” I am with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I love you.”

Who speaks audibly to your heart, yet no one around, but you, can hear?
Who drops mind-blowing ideas in your heart?
Who sustains the breath in your lungs?
Who gives you power, and inspiration, to make wealth?
Who is able to move mountains for your sake?
Who puts the sun, moon and stars in place?
Who sends the rainbow, after the rain, as a promise that the storm will never consume you?

Today, despite my circumstances, I choose to be grateful. I choose to be grateful for the little, seemingly insignificant, things. How about you?

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