My interview with CBN.

I was interviewed by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) today. 💃💃💃💃

I’ll spare you the details of the interview, since you’ll watch it when it airs. However, the highlight for me was this:

Interviewer: If you’re asked to chose a role model from the Bible, who would it be?

Me: Hmm…This is quite tough. I think I’ll go for David.

Interviewer: David?! (staring) Is that not kind of awkward? Or is it safe to assume that there’s a “Goliath” in your life you’re trying to hunt down? (chuckles)

Me: Well, if you put it that way. But there’s another reason. I’d like to learn how he crafted lovely poems that reach out to the soul, popularly called Psalms, in a manner that every time we read it, we get a brand new meaning from it. And somehow we manage to see this trait running in his lineage.

His son? Ula-la! He was the only one whose ‘holy’ love story found its way into the Bible. Although some people say the Songs of Solomon is an analogy of the relationship between God and the church, to others, that book of the Bible still remains a mystery. (laughing)

Besides that, Solomon wasn’t wise for nothing. He penned down wise words – Proverbs – such that generations after him could drink from his wealth of wisdom. “Pride goes before a fall” one of the proverbs we always quote from the book of Proverbs.

And Jesus? He was a storyteller to the core! The way he wove important details about the kingdom of God into simple relateable everyday events, which we call parables, is mind-blowing!

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Who doesn’t love wise sayings and wisdom nuggets?

Who doesn’t like a romantic love story?

Who doesn’t love a well crafted piece of poetry?

Interviewer: (smiling) I didn’t see you coming from this angle at all!

Me: (grinning) What do you expect? I’m a writer after all.
In reality, I’m staring at the white ceiling with my back on the bed. Smiling, I curl on my side, pull the blanket beneath my chin and say to myself “I know it’s going to happen. If I can see it, I can be it!”


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