Sinikiwe: an example of ability in disability.

Over the weekend, I met an amazing lady, Sinikiwe Nikki Kademaunga also known as Coach Sniks.

Sinikiwe is an international motivational speaker, self development coach, mentor, and disability blogger. The most amazing part is that she was born without limbs.

The beautiful Sinikiwe

Sinikiwe is the first child born of her parents. When she was born, her parents and the community she was born into rejected her. However, her grandmother took her in and raised her.

As she grew up, she worried why, unlike others, she had to do everything with both hands. Her grandmother said to her “it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to do something, all that matters is that you get the job done.”

In addition, the only people she saw with disabilities where beggars on the streets, but she told herself that was not the kind of life she wanted to live. She consciously worked hard to set an example of the positive impact that people with disabilities can make.

Sinikiwe’s grandmother was her greatest cheerleader. After she passed on, life became very tough. She attempted suicide twice because she felt that she wasn’t beautiful enough. This affected her self-confidence. She felt so ashamed that she always locked herself up in hidden places.

The turning point in her life was when she watched a video of Nick Vujicic on YouTube. She said to herself “There are certain things you cannot change about yourself. If you don’t accept yourself the way you are, you’ll be living the rest of your life a miserable person.”

Sinikiwe started falling in love with herself. She realised that God had created her the way she was for a purpose and her physical appearance was just a packaging, not the complete her. In her own words, “I realised that there is an awesome Sinikiwe inside of me.”

This self-discovery and self-awareness inspired her to start encouraging other people to love themselves and their bodies.

“I believe that if everyone in the world was created the same – same body, same eyes, same skin complexion – it would have been a boring world. We were created differently because everyone has their own unique way of shining, and it makes the world a beautiful place. It’s okay to be different! You are different for a purpose.” Sinikiwe encourages.

In 2016, Sinikiwe received two awards. The first was The Courage Award from Zimbabwean International Women’s Award (ZIWA), and the other was an award in the UK.

She says “I am an example that whatever mountain God has given you can be conquered. There is nothing that you cannot conquer. You are the greatest example that you are looking for. So, be the example that you are looking for out there!

There are some things that you cannot control – how you look, the family you are born into, how you are born – but you can change your future. You can change who you become!

You are enough. Not because you are flawless, beautiful, rich, wealthy or extremely knowledgeable. You are enough because you don’t need to be anyone else or anything. You are enough because of who you are. Just be yourself!”

I couldn’t help but take a picture with the amazing coach Sniks



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