Love yourself!

Dear youngster,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

In order not to be swayed by ‘every wind of love’ and get caught up in the heartbreaks, pain, depression and heartaches that follow, LOVE YOURSELF!

In order not to feel you’re worthless, ugly, unworthy, not sexy enough when that guy doesn’t slip a love note inside your notebook or buy you a pack of chocolates, LOVE YOURSELF!

In order not to go crazy at the slightest sound of ‘I love you’ and allow free and easy access to your most treasured parts, LOVE YOURSELF!

Drink in dozes and dozens of self-love and you will never be drunk by another man’s doze of ‘I love you.’

You are beautiful – pimples, acne and all.
You are enough – no need for comparisons.
You are worth more than you think!
You’ll see, if only you can love you just the way you are.

There will be many Valentine’s Day, but there’s only one you. LOVE YOURSELF!



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