Dare, not dread!

“Mummy, do we have to go to church?” my six-year old asked as we got ready on Sunday morning.

“Yes.” I responded.

Late last year, we moved to a new place. We were going to attend a new church and meet new people. For my daughter, it spelt disaster! She is very skeptical about new places, new people and new environments. “I think I’ll get nervous” she always says, but I try to encourage her.

When we got to church, I observed her reaction. To my greatest amazement, she placed her hand on her chest, exhaled and whispered to herself “It’s okay. You’ll be fine. Don’t be nervous! Don’t be nervous!”

Don’t we all get scared to try out new things?

Yesterday, I did something that had scared me for so long. I dared my fears and went LIVE on Facebook. Okay I didn’t do a LIVE video though, but LIVE audio. Don’t laugh. If you must laugh, laugh with me and not at me 😂😂😂.

Mehn, the way I dread the “Go Live” button on Facebook! What if I stutter? What if my children barge in? What if I go blank? I had fed my mind with a million and one reasons not to try.

With my heart banging hard against my chest, I made up my mind to go LIVE yesterday. With a shaky hand, I clicked the dreadful “Go Live” button and kept telling myself “You can do this. You’ve got this.” Next stop will be LIVE video. Amen?

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind” says Napoleon Hill. So, if you can change the state of your mind, you can beat the hell out of your fears.

What is the state of your mind?
Is your mind saying you you can’t? Tell it you can!
Is your mind saying you’re not good enough?Tell it you are!
Is your mind saying you can’t make it? Tell it you can!

…and make a move!

At the end of the day, the things we are afraid of are really nothing to be afraid of.

Meanwhile, you can listen to my #FirstLiveAudio here

I’ll be looking forward to your feedback. 😊🤗



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