Permit yourself.

My first attempt at riding a bicycle was either at eight or nine. It wasn’t an easy feat. I pedaled and pushed, yet I could not balance myself on top of the bicycle. I nearly bumped into a car, I fell down and injured myself, but it didn’t stop me. I’m telling you, there were times I felt frustrated and wanted to give up, but I kept trying until I perfected the art of bicycle riding.

I read that Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart is the first Nigerian Netflix ‘original movie’. While this may not be the only feat she has attached to her name, it is a major one.

Genevieve Nnaji has stared in over 100 movies. She is not only a multi award-winning actress, but a producer and director. She has been nominated for awards in Nigeria and abroad. Oprah Winfrey even referred to her as the “Julia Roberts of Africa.”

Two years ago, Tinsel, the famous Nigerian TV series aired its 2000th episode. Have you ever thought: what if they never shot episode 1?

Do you remember watching Genevieve Nnaji in movies like Ijele, Most Wanted and Mark of the Beast? What if she never went for auditions? What if she never permitted herself to be great?

It takes one mediocre step, one confused attempt, one scaredy decision to climb the ladder of greatness.

Every great story begins with “once upon a time.” To get to the top of the ladder, you have to climb the first rung. To become a superstar, you have to first be a star. To arrive at your dreams, you have to take a step. To take giant strides, you have to first take baby steps. To get to infinity, you need to start counting from one.

What is holding you back? Self-limiting beliefs? Fear? Procrastination? Laziness? A bad experience from your past? “What will people say?” We might never hear about your greatness if you don’t make a move. Permit yourself to be great!

Your first book may not be a bestseller, write it anyway.
Your first song may not be a hit, sing it anyway.
Your first design may not make it down the runway, design it anyway.
Your first drawing may not make it to the gallery, draw it anyway.

..and don’t stop!

One line from a song we sing in children Sunday School says “never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps”. Are you still staring up the stairs to your greatness? Are you still thinking ‘can I do this’? Step up those steps already and permit yourself to be great.

To your greatness! 🥂

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