To kill or to believe?

When I was a child
I dreamed with wide open eyes
I saw things not as they did.

I saw myself flying around the world
When I told them
They would shush me and say
“only witches fly”.

I saw myself talking to a crowd
I stood in front of the mirror to rehearse
“Are you okay?” They would ask
“only possessed people talk to themselves.”

I saw myself receiving trophies, awards, medals
I saw myself touching lives.
“You’re too young.” They said
“You have to grow up to achieve all these.”

I grew up.
I started seeing as they did
I saw the not in can
the im in possibility
the un in worthy
the dis in ablity
the un in able.

I shut my eyes
I stabbed my dreams
I buried them all
I stopped dreaming.

Dear grownup,
When you speak
Are you killing their dreams?
Do you make them believe?



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