What do you see?

I visited a school to make enquires and the reception was topnotch.

“Have you been taken on a tour around the school?” The proprietress asked.

“Yes, I have.”

“Did you see the place for the high school?”

“High school?” I wondered. “I don’t remember seeing that. Besides, I only came to make inquiries for the preschool and primary.”

“Come with me.” She held my hand and I followed her lead.

“This place is for the junior and senior high school. We’ll have an area here for sports and other activities. We’re taking it all the way from class one up to class six…” I felt the excitement in her voice as she kept talking, gesticulating and smiling.

I couldn’t help but smile too. As she spoke, everything she said was clear. I saw the structures. I saw students learning in the classrooms. I saw students playing in the sport area. I saw parents dropping off their children and picking them up. Meanwhile, she was pointing at an empty piece of land.

Usain Bolt said “believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.” The Bible says “all things are possible to them that believe.”

How often do you dream? Do you have dreams? Do you believe in your dreams?

If you don’t believe in what you alone can see, how can you open the ‘eyes’ of others to see with you? It takes much more than love to believe in what someone else is doing. It takes TRUST. Why do you patronize a particular brand? Because you LOVE them or because you TRUST them? Do you take your clothes to a particular designer because you love her or because you trust that she will meet and exceed your expectations? Do you hire a particular person because you love him or because you trust that he will get the job done?

Recently, I contacted some people who are professionals in their fields. I told them I wanted to feature their stories in my upcoming book. I shared my dream with them. They listened.

Honestly, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got their positive response. I am not just excited to share their stories; I am excited that they trust me enough to tell their stories. I am excited that they believe in me and believe with me. I can’t wait to work with them on this project.

In my mind’s eye, I already see a book that will help people unveil their talents. I see a book that will give people the push to stretch themselves beyond their widest imaginations. I see a book that is capable of transforming anyone who lays hand on it.

If you can see it, you can be it! What do you see?

Photo credit: Google


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