Where’s this boat heading to?

Since yesterday was New Year day and also my first daughter’s birthday, I thought to myself “what better way for the family to spend today than to go to a park.”

At the park, there were many fun activities to engage in, especially for the children. However, the boat ride caught my attention. I couldn’t imagine myself coming all the way and not having fun on a boat cruise.

All geared up for the boat cruise, I met with a brick wall. I guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to row a boat, because the queue was so long. In addition, there were few boats to take the number of people who wanted to ride, so the queue moved at a snail pace. Seeing the long queue, my husband was like “are you sure you still want to go on this boat ride?” and I said yes.

We stood in the long line and gradually, it got to our turn. You needed to see my excitement as the girls and I jumped on the boat. Then, my excitement started turning into frustration as the boat refused to heed my bidding. I have never been on a boat before, talk more of rowing a boat.

At a point, I started asking myself “who sent you?” With my little experience yesterday on shallow water, I now know that rowing a boat is not moimoi and beans, neither is it cupcake and muffins. It’s much more than the nursery rhyme “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

As I paddled, the boat, it was busy moving back and front, left and right, sideways, forward and backwards, swirling and twirling in circles, bumping and crashing into other boats.

People were laughing at me. At a point, my husband saw my frustration and called from the other side “will you just go back?”

Even if I wanted to go back, did I know how to paddle the boat back?

People behind us rowed past our boat. I looked up and saw the long way we had to go before getting to the end point and I wanted to become more discouraged. But, I told myself “You’re going to finish this.”

Getting to the end, the boat started going in another direction. I stretched my hand to a lady in another boat and asked her to give me a hand. She helped and we were able to pull the boat to safe landing.

I’m sure you’re excited to get into 2019. You are all geared up with dreams and expectations, but when you’re set to row your boat, it might not be a smooth sail.

People may laugh at your frustratation. Others may say your dreams are too big. Some may ask “are you sure you will be successful with this project?” Nevertheless, keep the end in mind.

You might start out moving in circles. Going forward and backwards. Swinging left and right. Bumping into other people. But, don’t forget to extend your hand for help when you need to.

It may look like others are leaving you behind. Stay focused. The ride may be bumpy, you may get frustrated, but let your resolve be to get to the end!



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