It’s not all about winning…

“It’s not all about winning; it’s about having fun.”

I heard my first daughter say that to her sister when they were playing a game today.

It made me ponder.

If life is a game,
Don’t we always want to win?
Don’t we always want to win so bad?
Do we ever remember the ‘fun’ part?
And when we win, what next?
Did we really have fun while at it?
Are we really satisfied?
Are we happy?
Are the people in our lives happy?

So, 2018 is drawing to a close and you’ve looked at your vision board or the goals you wrote down. You didn’t even smash up to 50%. Then, you tell yourself “I’m a total failure.”

Wait a minute. Stop and ponder.

Do you remember the times you spent with friends and family?
Do you remember the smiles that sat on their faces as they chatted away every minute with you?
Do you remember how your mum held your hands and reminded you of your naughtiness as a little child?
Do you remember how her laughter echoed all over the room?

Do you remember your dad telling you ‘I’m so proud of you’?
Do you remember your children hugging you and saying ‘you’re the best dad in the whole wide world’?
Do you remember your children kissing your cheek and saying ‘mummy, I love you’?
Do you remember your spouse looking into your eyes and saying ‘you’re the best thing that ever happened to me’?
Do you remember your friend whispering ‘you can do this!’ in your ears when you were almost giving up?

With these, my friend, you’ve smashed many other goals unknowingly.

Most times, we’re too serious to read between the lines, so we take many things for granted.

Am I saying it’s wrong to win?
Am I saying we shouldn’t set goals?
Am I encouraging laziness?
Not at all!

I’m just saying that while we keep our eyes fixed on winning, we should not forget to ask ourselves ‘am I happy? Am I having fun’?

Lots of love,

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