The MOST important work.

Yesterday, I attended the school play and concert organized by my children’s school and watching the children on stage made me emotional. I don’t know why this happens to me most of the time.

Am I alone?

During the interlude, the headmaster came on stage to give a speech. He opened by asking “Can you remember what you were doing at this age?” and by ‘this age’ he meant between the ages of two to five.

Honestly, I can’t remember. Can you?

He further spoke about the importance of turning up for school events. When parents show up at their children’s school events, it goes a long way to register something in their emotions. It tells them that despite all the hustle, they are worth our time.

Children are very excited when their parents turn up for school events and they do not waste time to show off their parents to their friends and teachers (even if these people have met their parents before).

Sadly, not only do some parents not show up at their children’s school events, but also in their children’s lives. They are just parents because that’s what they are biologically. Yes! They provide for their children and perform their roles as parents, but that’s just that.

In turn, when these children grow up, they isolate themselves from their parents and give their time to “more important things”. They also shut their parents out of their lives and businesses.

Suddenly, these parents realize that they have made a mistake and want to remedy it. They want to be their child’s friend and start seeking for their attention.

The headmaster concluded with these words: “you can’t talk your way out of something you behaved into; you have to behave your way out of it. You can’t solve a problem on the same level that caused the problem. You have to step up a little higher.”

Our children learn more from what we do to them than what we say to them.

Will you pay attention to them?
Will you spare some time for them?
Will you let them know that you value them?

In the words of C. S. Lewis, “children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work!”



8 thoughts on “The MOST important work.

  1. A great reminder! Parents need to see children as important and not a burden. Some of them also have to sacrifice time for their children’s sake.

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