What do you make?

Last week, I was watching Pointless – a TV game show – and the host in his usual manner, asked a lady to introduce herself.

“My name is XYZ. I’m from ABC.”

“What do you do XYZ?”

“I’m a homemaker. I guess that’s a profession too.” She laughed.

“A homemaker?” The host asked sarcastically.

“Uhumm” She nodded, maintaining a positive disposition.

The host was bent on throwing a punch at her confidence “What do you make?”

“Well, I make dinner… and babies.” She laughed hysterically.

The host was dazzled by her answer. He never saw that coming.

In real life, people can be mean. They could do the most ridiculous things to get the worst out of you.

However, nobody can get the worst out of you without you handing it out to them. You are the only one who controls the way you react. Without your permission, no one can get the worst out of you. You decide the outcome. You call the shots!

So, I decided to ask myself “Zizy, what do you make?”

“I make valuable stories out of words, letters and punctuations.”

I hope you make something valuable out of this week while maintaining a positive disposition!



15 thoughts on “What do you make?

  1. “You are the only one who controls the way you react.” Too true!

    What a positive way to kick off the week! I wish you a blessed and fruitful one this week. 💙

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  2. I agree. There are really people who are pushing you to your limits. I also feel that in here. But what I did was just to show them the positive side of the situation no matter how negative they are. Always be patient with the people that surround you. And that I’ve realized as well especially at work.😊

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