The puzzle of purpose.

I also get confused about this thing called purpose.

One minute I’m like “Eureka! This is it!”

And the next, I’m like: What should I do next? Is this where I’m supposed to be? I hope I’m not stuck? What am I supposed to be doing? So, after this, what next? Is this really it?

Does this happen to you? Or it’s just me?

I remember as a child, my dad bought a box of jigsaw puzzles for my siblings and I. On the box was the drawing of a beautiful picture – the image we ought to create with the jigsaws.

Although my siblings and I never really got to create that image from the jigsaws, we always knew what we wanted to achieve. Whenever we tried to fit the puzzles together, we crosschecked with the image on the box to make sure we were on track. At every point of fitting the jigsaws together, there was only one picture on our mind – the picture on the box.

Have you ever tried to place different parts of a jigsaw puzzle together?

At times you’re on track, at other times you miss it and try to re-strategize. Perhaps, you might even need to start all over to get it right.

We’re made to believe that purpose is something we must grasp at once – a cake (or pizza) that we must eat as a whole and not in pieces. Then, we live our lives trying to grasp the totality of our purpose when in reality, we know it in parts – in bits and pieces.

Start with the piece you’ve discovered.

I would say purpose is like a puzzle. You have the perfect picture in your imagination – sometimes it’s blurred, sometimes it needs filters, sometimes it needs to be edited.

Any way, start with the first piece you’ve discovered. Place it where you think it ought to be. Then the next and the next and the next… If it doesn’t look like the perfect picture, try to work around it – re-strategize, ask questions, pray, learn new things, remove some things, reposition some things. Before you know it, the pieces will begin to fit into the right places.

I hope you have a purposeful week!

Lots of love,


8 thoughts on “The puzzle of purpose.

  1. I always live by a philosophy: It is not up to us to ever know the entire picture, that is for Our Creator, the ONE in total control of ALL! We as humans are here on Planet Earth with a plan embedded in our Souls, along with special abilities and gifts. It is up to us how we choose to use them along our human journey to get where Our Creator needs us to be to fulfill his Master plan for us all! Faith, trust and belief play a major role in all we do, as does our freewill of course. So, having said that, let’s not concentrate so much on the destination, but enjoy the journey Our Creator has allowed us to come down to Earth and experience!

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