You are responsible!

Photo of me. Photo credit goes to my husband.

After writing Junior Secondary School Certificate Exams, I had to choose between science class and art class. I was naive; a young girl who didn’t know what impact graduating from secondary school as a science or art student would have on her life. Whether to go to the science class or art class was one of the first major decisions I had to make in my life. All I wanted to be was a doctor.

“Why do you want to be a doctor?” my mum asked one day.

“Are you not happy I want to be a doctor?” I cross-examined.

“I am. But is that what you would want to be? I think you need to think about it.”

Think about it? Wasn’t that what every child wanted to be?

Well, I gave it a serious thought and realized that the reason why I wanted to be a doctor was because everyone at school had said that that was what they wanted to be.

“I think I really want to be a newscaster because I love reading, writing, talking and telling stories.”

I said to my mum with so much joy. It seemed as though I had found a hidden treasure- I had discovered myself!

The next school term began and I walked into the art class with boldness and confidence.

“Why are you in art class?” a lot of my school mates asked “Art class is for dummies. You are too intelligent to be there.”

I felt like a lost sheep.

“Is this what you really want?” I was compelled to ask myself.

Yes! It was what I wanted and I wasn’t a dummy.

“If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it”.

I stopped being a people pleaser and a “crowd follower”. I enjoyed my classes. I chose what I wanted to be because I loved it.

At the end of Senior Secondary School, I graduated with many honours one of which was best student in Literature.

I realized that I am responsible for what happens to me and for the decisions I make.

What was the first major decision you ever had to make?
Would you say your choice was a wise one?


2 thoughts on “You are responsible!

  1. I am glad that you went with your heart and not what the others were doing. I can’t recall the first major decision I had to make, but whenever I make decisions now, the first thing I do is pray.

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